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Ice Cream Social

Welcome to our annual summer time Ice Cream Social … because sometimes yarn is so beautiful you just want to eat it.  Do you love your yarn with lots of sprinkles?  When you shop our Ice Cream Social you get to choose your flavor (base color) then choose your favorite toppings (sprinkle colors).

So, what would you like? Blueberry with strawberry sprinkles?  Lemon sorbet with chocolate sprinkles?  Banana split with cherries on top?  

Have some fun while you can, because this is a limited time special event beginning right now, and ending at midnight (EST) August 28, 2017.

Here is how it works:  A) Choose your yarn "flavor" (color) from this page; B) choose a yarn base and how many "scoops" (hanks) you want;  C) (optional) go to  Custom Sprinkles and choose the "sprinkles" you want (these will be your speckles).  Choose up to 3 sprinkle colors.