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Sneak Peek

Welcome to our private, early access area for members only.  This is where we will share early access to designs, color choices, etc. with some of our most active members.

Today's design is a 3-color crescent shawl using color blending and painting techniques that should be fun and hopefully inspiring.  You can download the swatch pattern first and check out the basics of the stitch patterns as well as how we are using color in this design. 

If you want to order colors specifically for this piece, we are including palette choices here.  But, feel free to use other colors or stash if you wish. 

As soon as we finish the sample shawl, the pattern will be released in this private early access area prior to a general public release on Ravelry.  If you download the swatch pattern, then we will know to alert you when the pattern is available for download.