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Summer 2021 KAL Kits

Lucky Violet Color Co

Summer 2021 KAL Kits

$ 135.00

Time to order your Summer 2021 Shawl KAL kit!  

Get the KAL pattern --> here.

This year's Summer Shawl KAL requires approximately 1000 yards of fingering weight yarn in your primary color and 200 yards of lace weight in a contrasting accent color.  For this design you really want the contrast between your two colors to be very strong.

What You Get:  3 hanks of your choice of fingering weight yarn base (300g) hand dyed in a semi-solid color inspired by the photo of your choice, and 1 hank of lace weight yarn (100g if Alice, 50g if Freya) hand dyed in a semi-solid accent color inspired by the photo of your choice.  (See more detailed color info below.)  If a kit you want is sold out, come back in early July when we will re-list pre-orders for all of the kits and take new orders. 

We knit our sample using Maggie for the fingering weight and Alice for the lace weight.  They pair beautifully with each other (both are single ply 100% Fine Merino Wool) and we really like the fabric drape and bounce that Maggie creates.

The kits are also available on Lillith, Beatrice, Glinda Gold, and Glinda Silver and you can choose either Alice as your lace weight or Freya if you prefer a halo effect in the accent areas.  Click --> here <-- for more info on our Yarn Bases.

You will need Size U.S. 4 (3.5 mm) straight or circular needles; cable length of about 22" for circulars will be plenty.

We will begin dyeing these kits the weekend of June 12, 2021 and shipping will begin within a few days of that date.  The KAL begins on July 2, 2021 so anyone in the U.S. who places their order by end of day June 18, 2021 should receive their kit in plenty of time for the start of the KAL as long as the USPS is running fairly smoothly.  Order as early as possible so you get an early spot in the queue and early shipment.

Detailed Color Info:

Turquoise & Fireflies - Primary color is a deep semi-solid Turquoise Blue, accent color is a neon yellow-green semi-solid.

Lime Chiffon & Cherries -- Primary color is a pale vintage green semi-solid, accent is a deep cherry red.  Please note that this color combination must be dry blocked, not soaked for blocking so as to prevent the red from bleeding.  This is very important.

Flamingo in the Pool -- Primary color will be a semi-solid bluish emerald green, accent will be a semi-solid flamingo pink.  

Coral & Cream -- Primary color will be a semi-solid coral color with the accent being a very faint whisper of that same coral color.

Poolhouse Latte -- Primary color will be a semi-solid chocolatey charcoal color with an accent color of creamy latte.

Carribean & Marble -- Primary color will be a very bright, Carribean blue with an accent color that is a semi-solid mix of a pale version of the Carribean blue and white.

Raspberry Pops -- Primary color will be a semi-solid deep raspberry with an accent color that is a paler version of the same raspberry.

Ice Water & Oranges -- Primary color will be a pale icy blue semi-solid with an accent of a semi-solid of orange.

Pink Grapefruit on Ice -- Primary color will be a semi-solid pink grapefruit color with an accent color that is a semi-solid icy marble sort of mix.

Processing Times:  We begin dyeing these colors June 12th and will start shipping wtihin a few days.  We will continue dyeing and shipping the kits through end of June, and will get as many as possible shipped out by June 27th. 

Our hand painted yarns are micro-brewed by individual fine artists.  Variations between hanks reflect the beauty of these one-of-a-kind, artist creations. When you order multiple hanks in the same colorway, they are dyed in one batch and great care is taken to match hue, tint/shade, variegation, and sprinkles.  Even with that, there may be some variations between hanks ... such is the nature of our fine art fiber products. 

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