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Artist's Treat #1

Lucky Violet Color Co

Artist's Treat #1

$ 32.00

Playing around with colors a while back, I created what you see here.  I have been using one of these (the one on the right) for my Valentine 2021 MKAL and have been loving it.  

As I knit, I love seeing the rich gold and brown tones interplaying with purple and a wee bit of a purply magenta.  If the photo of the knitted sample looks like it has a little bit of green in it or black in it, it doesn't.  The hues in the color on the right (second photo on this page) are all golden, brown, purple, and purply magenta .

The color on the left is similar, but has less of the purple and purply magenta, with some splashes of black and green.  (Both samples in the photos here are painted on Maggie or Maggie Extra.)  Find that color --> here.

Some people in the group at Ravelry wanted me to offer this colorway, so I thought I would take pre-orders today.  I will be dyeing both of these colorways in early March and will take pre-orders through February 28th.

The colors will dye especially well on certain Group A yarn bases, so I will select the best choices and then you can choose from my list here on this page.

I will get as close to these samples as I can, but whatever I paint for you I know it will be beautiful, and that I will put lots of love into the work.  :)

Our hand painted yarns are micro-brewed by individual fine artists.  Variations between hanks reflect the beauty of these one-of-a-kind, artist creations. When you order multiple hanks in the same colorway, they are dyed in one batch and great care is taken to match hue, tint/shade, variegation, and sprinkles.  Even with that, there may be some variations between hanks ... such is the nature of our fine art fiber products.  

Processing Times:   This batch will be processed sometime in early March, shipped shortly thereafter. 

Please check --> here for the latest updates our processing times.

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