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Galactic Pi Mystery Kit - Single Planet

Lucky Violet Color Co

Galactic Pi Mystery Kit - Single Planet

$ 160.00

Available for Pre-Order For a Limited Time!   Oh boy ... this going to be fun.  The Autumnal Equinox occurs at 3:50 a.m. Monday September 23, 2019 and we will release our 2019 Equinox KAL pattern in full at that time.  Order your Galactic Pi Mystery Kit now to get at top of the list. 

We invite you to join the new, independent Fleckenstein and Friends Social Network.  The annual subscription if $6.00 and entitles active members to free access to all J. L. Fleckenstein and Lucky Violet Color Co knitting patterns.   If you are interested, please accept our invitation by click here --> my invitation.

Yarn Requirements:  Four 100-gram hanks of lace or fingering weight yarn, a total of 400 grams.  Each kit will include 400 grams of yarn on a limited assortment of our Group A Yarn Bases.

This Limited Release KAL will be provided for free to those who purchase a Galactic Pi Mystery Color Kit.  On the next Vernal Equinox (March 19, 2020) we will release the pattern to the general public. 

This project will be our first "pi" formula circular shawl.  The pattern will be tech edited before  release.  Skill level will be intermediate, but geared toward being an easy-to-work pattern.

Choose a single Planet Mystery Kit (3 hanks of a single Planet), or a 3-Planet Mystery Kit for your colors.  Each kit will include one hank of "Deep Space", a special contrasting color designed for the dark background.   Each kit contains 4 hanks of yarn (400 grams total).

If you prefer to use a Multiple Mystery Planet Color Kit click --> here.

There will of course be fun goodies and surprises in your kit, and everything will be packaged up in a lovely box.  So much fun to receive in the mail!

Our hand painted yarns are micro-brewed by individual fine artists.  Variations between hanks reflect the beauty of these one-of-a-kind, artist creations. When you order multiple hanks in the same colorway, they are dyed in one batch and great care is taken to match hue, tint/shade, variegation, and sprinkles.  Even with that, there may be some variations between hanks ... such is the nature of our fine art fiber products.  

Processing Times:   To receive your kit prior to the September 22nd release of the pattern, please order by July 13, 2019.  Order received after July 13, 2019 might be delivered after the pattern release date, depending on the volume of orders we are processing at that time.

Please check --> here for the updates regarding our processing times.

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