Give Me Strength
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Give Me Strength

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Give Me Strength ... beautiful wrist bands that serve two purposes:  Use them to help open difficult jars, and wear them as a reminder to pray for strength when times are tough.

A number of years ago I started having a bit of trouble opening jars, especially larger mouthed jars like peanut butter (one of my favorite foods!), pickles, mayonnaise, etc. 

One day I tried using a 1/2" wide rubber band to open my jar and it worked beautifully.  I had a funny thought at the time to one day package up some rubber bands for this purpose and call the product, "Give Me Strength".

Recently I finally decided to follow through on my funny idea, but then something unexpected happened ... my once humorous idea blossomed into something beautiful.  

The bands I designed are made of soft, comfortable silicone rather than rubber, in a gorgeous violet color with the words, "Give Me Strength" printed right on them in a delicate font.

The result is a band so beautiful you will want to wear it, and with the words "Give Me Strength" printed on them, they have the added benefit of serving as a quiet little reminder to pray for strength when times and events are challenging.

They are also great for opening up difficult jars!

(I recommend getting a 2-piece set so you can put one on the bottom of a jar and one on the lid for even more Strength!)