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Peacock Glaze Yarn Bowl

Stillwater Pottery

Peacock Glaze Yarn Bowl

$ 60.00

This lovely bowl provides ample room to hold yarn, keeping it safely away from cats and dust bunnies!  Yarn feeds out through the curved notch smoothly and neatly.  The pierced holes are functional as well as decorative—use for a second color of yarn, or conveniently stow knitting needles when not in use.  The broad foot keeps the piece stable while you’re knitting.

"I formed the pot on the potter's wheel using stoneware clay, and then cut the notch and pierced graduated holes when it was leather hard.  After the first firing, I added markings in light green underglaze, and then coated the piece with peacock glaze.  When fired to the final temperature, this glaze melts into beautiful feather-like flecks."  Deborah Wilson, Stillwater Pottery

The finish is smooth to the touch, easy to clean, and very durable.  All rims and edges are smoothed and rounded to keep yarn from fraying and to prevent chipping. The trimmed base shows off the speckled ivory clay.   

The bowl is 7 inches in diameter, 3 ¾ inches deep, and the foot is 4 ¼ inches across.  Volume:  about 1 ½ U.S. quarts (1.5 liters).

Weight of pottery:  1 ½ lb.

Packed weight:  3 lb.

Packed size:  12 inch cube box

$9 International Flat Rate does not apply to Yarn Bowls.

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