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A perfect little piece of sunshine

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Every year, right about the 4th of July, our wild raspberries start turning from pale red to deep, almost black purple.  At first you just see one here or there, then the next day another three or four.  And it builds that way until suddenly there are shiny purple wild raspberries in such abundance that you can't pick them fast enough to eat, preserve, bake and so forth.  Our started turning a little bit early this year, but they are turning slowly day by day. Our baby grand-daughter got her first opportunity to stand in front of the berry canes...

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Stepping out of character

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5:32 p.m. 9 June 2011 -- Update to today's blog |   This just in:  I just posted several fine art photographs of tree peonies from this season in my new fine art Etsy store. I don't use my blog to discuss my personal opinions on music, movies, television shows, politics, specific religions, etc. Instead, I try to devote my writing to overall spirituality, inspiration, creativity, epiphany, struggle leading to triumph, beauty, gratitude, and so forth. Mixing is personal commentary regarding preferences in entertainment or opinions as to politics and specific religious beliefs is not a good fit and in...

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Beautiful food

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(NOTE:  If you arrived here via my email about side dishes and the knit along, that post is here.  Sorry, I inserted the wrong link in the email.) This weekend was my grand-daughter's second birthday ... what a treat! My daughter did a wonderful job of putting on a special birthday party for her, filled with all kinds of magic and surprises. A few family friends joined us all for an afternoon of good food, pleasant chatter, and plenty of laughter. By the way, I have made slow progress, but progress just the same, on the blanket I am knitting...

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Purple Heart - A Treasury at Etsy

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A great way to help bring attention to a favorite Etsy shop or item is to create your own Treasury list ...

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The Advent of Santa: Days 7 through 15

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My Advent of Santa continues, though I slipped up for several days in a row. I do that with advent calenders every time I attempt to follow them. I start out with the most sincere intentions that this will be the year when I finally follow the advent every single day. Inevitably I reach some critical point in the holiday season when the advent calendar is missed first one day, then another, and then several in a row as I focus my attention on completing various Christmas projects. Without further explanation, I offer you the following assortment of Santas, nine...

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