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New life on the farm

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This summer was a very busy season around our farm.  We are in the midst of converting our farmland from leased cash-crop acreage to pasture managed by us.  That might sound simple enough but it requires cutting, mowing, fencing, draining, digging, and budgeting, planning, etc. and not necessarily in that order. We are hosting a small herd of Black Angus cattle and have so far fenced in 12 acres of land for grazing.  Over the next few years  we plan to expand the fenced in land to 40 acres and the herd to 40. So, that has been exciting.  Now that we...

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Pumpkin seeds and tea cups

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When my children were babies my parents tried to tell me how very different it is to be grandparents as opposed to being parents. I did my best to understand what they meant, but I realize now that I needed to be a grandparent myself to actually get it. So, Dad and Mom ... I get it now. [FYI: New knitting content was posted at The Knitting Blog 20 May 09.] My daughter and I lived with my parents when she was born, and we lived with them for her first two years. Today my daughter and her daughter live...

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I can plant a tree

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A few days ago I got out on the tractor and helped my husband mow our three acres of lawn; it was my first time getting back on the tractor since last summer. Side Bar: This is my third summer on the farm, somewhat hard to believe. The farmer who rents our arable (–adjective "1. capable of producing crops; suitable for farming; suited to the plow and for tillage: arable land; arable soil" ~dictionary.com) land planted winter wheat last autumn. The fields look much different with wheat growing in them than they did with corn, much of the difference is...

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