I live on a farm ... — hand knit dishcloths

Why Santa dropped by my place today

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Some time ago I came across these gorgeous Espresso colored gift boxes that are 6" x 6" x 4" and I knew that all of the goodies I put into a Biscuit Blanket kit would fit perfectly inside of one. I also knew that the yarn, the note card and the recipe cards would look scrumptious inside a box that color.

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Dandelion farming

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We live on a farm, but as I have said before ... we are not farmers. We have (or had) corn out in our fields, but we didn't put it there. We dream of a vineyard and fruit orchard on our acres one day, but there will be much to learn in order to get there. When I lived in the high desert north of Los Angeles for a couple of years with my children, we tried planting some raised gardens. We enriched the soil, and put up wooden planks to build up areas to grow our vegetables and watermelons...

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A most perfect day

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I recall vividly, growing up in North Carolina, the wonderful feelings invoked by the environment all around me just after a summer rainfall. It is one of the richest memories of childhood I possess. I used to long for that feeling in California, the many years I lived there. It rarely rains in Southern California in the summer, and though I knew it was futile to wish for a summer rain shower, I continued wishing nonetheless. If you have not ever experienced the feeling, let me share it with you here: You are outside playing on a hot summer day....

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New hand knit dish cloth pattern

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I only have time for a quick post today to let my knitting readers know I have posted the free pattern for the Spring Time Dishcloth in twisted purl stitch on the I Live on a Farm website. (I hope you will check out my full line of patterns. You will find great ideas for knitted gifts such as Christmas Stockings, gift bags, hats, scarves, fingerless gloves, and more.) Have a beautiful day, ~ firefly

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