I live on a farm ... — snow

Howling wind, flying fingers

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This is one of those spring transition days, bringing with it the inevitable blustery winds Winnie The Pooh made famous. For the first time in more than six months it is 70 degrees outside ... ah, the pleasures of 72 degree air. Not that I was unhappy with our winter; no, far from that, The winter we are finally emerging from was my favorite winter of my life, as far as the weather goes. It was horribly cold, but I was able to spend much of the time snug at home knitting, baking, studying, reflecting, enjoying family, organizing my studio,...

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Split Pea Soup Tuesday

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Today is a perfect day to have Split Pea Soup for dinner -- it is cold and crisp outside with a beautiful blue sky and we still have snow on the ground. Even if you live someplace where it is balmy, Split Pea Soup would be a delicious choice for an evening meal. When I lived in California I tried making soup and was not very good at it. I did create a recipe for butternut squash soup that was a success with my son (designer and Etsy seller FlyingJunction) in particular, but other than that my soups tended to...

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Our place

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Saturday evening there was an unexpected show fall that brought us several inches of dry, powdery snow overnight. There was no wind during the night, so the snow was still blanketing the branches of the trees in the morning. I love waking up when it is still dark in the winter time and being surprised visually once the sun comes up with whatever might have happened overnight. Soon after day break the cloudy cover started clearing away, with golden sunshine breaking through here and there lighting up the trees, fields, river, and our barn most beautifully. It has been quite...

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A walk in the city

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My latest tribute to Etsy sellers ... a Treasury titled, "A walk in the city." Here we are on the farm, out in the country enjoying a beautiful winter of abundant snow, cold temperatures ... beautiful weather and cozy times in the house. However, feeling a touch of cabin fever I imagined for a few minutes that I was driving and walking along city streets. Side Bar: The smell of homemade bread is wafting its way through the house, from the kitchen, reaching me here in the livingroom ... mmm.  Just a sec, I have to take it out and...

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The year of faith

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Five years ago today I woke up not knowing this man or this place existed. Actually, that is not entirely true.

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