Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — Christmas

Historic journeys

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We have been on vacation, and oh ... the things we have seen. Our primary mission was a visit with my mother's identical twin sister and her husband, down in North Carolina. My uncle's health has been slipping over the past year, and I wanted him to meet my husband while he is still living at home and able to participate in a visit. On the way south, we visited Colonial Williamsburg where we spent three nights and two full days. My husband had been there many years ago with his family and had always wanted to return. As for...

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Beyond the first hello

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Yesterday afternoon we drove down toward Buffalo for a family visit, enjoying a lazy driving chat and some quiet moments of reflections along the way. We passed by many, many fields of rusty-golden corn and yellow soy beans. I asked my husband if it is my imagination or are there significantly more corn fields this year than last. He affirmed there are indeed many more corn fields this year. Last year, if you recall, we had corn growing in our fields and tracked their growth and beauty in photographs and descriptions. This year our fields are empty, though the farmer...

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Buttoned up

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I enjoy shopping for buttons, picking out special buttons for a particular project. I especially enjoy shopping for buttons now because it consists of grabbing a cup of tea and heading to the comfy sofa in our sitting room to sort through my treasure bowls and tins of vintage buttons (graciously gifted to me by Dorothy and Winnie, friends of ours at church). There is a small oil painting I recently created of one of the vintage buttons in the photo above up for auction at eBay. Take a look, if only to see the painting and see if you...

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Free knitted scarf pattern

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[twitter-follow screen_name='ILiveonaFarm' show_count='yes'] 12-12-2012:  Catch up with me at my latest blog post  --> here. This scarf pattern is available as a free Ravelry download with the latest updates and awesome yarn recommendations.  Click the link (words "free Ravelry download") or search "New York Scarf - A Guy's Woolie Warmer" on Revelry to get your free download Check out my son's Etsy shop, Flying Junction. He is an awesome urban graphic artist and photographer with a line of vintage-inspired subway signs, bus scrolls, urban typography maps, vintage maps, other cool urban art. He is the guy I designed this scarf and...

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I think he's pretty

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Snowing, snowing, snowing. Yesterday morning it was six degrees when we got up ... sweeeet! I shot the photo of our barn from one of my bedroom windows. This photograph makes me feel as if I were flying when I took it. You know, like in one of those flying dreams. Sometimes I have flying dreams where I can just sort of fly straight up into the air and hover. This photograph is just what that would be like. The snow that began gathering about a week and a half ago is still here, and more is sifting down from...

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