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I live on a farm ... — love

Ladies, leave the men who need tweaking alone

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It is drizzling rain outside, but not very cold. Most of the leaves have fallen from the trees, leaving much more of the river visible than on previous days. Fog mist lifts up from the river because the river water is warmer than the air ... very different from the ocean fogs that blanket Los Angeles and push along through canyons and valleys in a mad rush some mornings. Thick foggy mornings observed from my hillside home in the foothills north of Los Angeles are something I do miss from my time there. The wet sound of cars as they...

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Abbey normal maladies

339000 country living faith family free knitting patterns humor Knit Alongs knit-a-long knitting love yarn

One of my favorite movies is Young Frankenstein by Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks; we watched it on Halloween evening cuddling on the sofa enjoying popcorn and hot mulled cider. For me one of the funniest scenes is when Gene Wilder's Dr. Frankenstein character is grilling Marty Feldman's Igor about the brain he had fetched from the "Brand Depository" for the monster. Igor had previously dropped and smashed the correct, smart guy brain and had to grab one labelled "Abnormal" as a replacement. He told Dr. Frankenstein the replacement brain was from an "Abbey something". When quizzed further he said,...

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Making amends and freaking out

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Yesterday there was a prediction for snow here in the evening, and my husband and I planned to make a trip to see his mother, an hour from the farm. I knew we would be cold and hungry when we got back home, so I put on a pot of lentil soup in the slow cooker and baked a batch of petite corn loaves early in the day. I recently bought an adorable "petite" loaf pan (I think I might have mentioned it last week) but had not tried it out. My father is probably the world's biggest corn bread...

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When we were cowboys

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Looks like things worked out well for Jack06 last night ... he and SquashBabe1 spent a candlelit evening together on our porch. There were no signs of Trick or Treaters last evening, but this morning I found evidence of pumpkin love when I happened upon this happy family nestled amidst a warm blanket of leaves on our front lawn. Jack06 ... you devil you. While I was out in the yard taking the trash to the road for pickup and moving the pumpkin family back to our porch, I had some fun scuffing my feet along in my husbands big...

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Single orange male seeks SOF

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Hi, I'm Jack06 ... a simple country pumpkin, little rough around the edges. Lookin' fer a squash with just the right seeds to complete me. I love spendin' dark stormy candlelit evenings in October on the porch and hope to find someone special to share my perch with ... tonight I hope, I hope, I hope. If you are lookin' fer warm 'n glowin' pumpkin luv, roll on by ... I'll be waitin' til midnight. Favorite Song: Light My Fire, by the Doors. Boo. Happy Halloween

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