I live on a farm ... — Mother's Day

Life abundant and beautiful

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When my husband and I married two years ago, he flew to Los Angeles to pick me up. We stuffed my Ford Explorer full of as many of my belongings and as much of my clothing as we could possibly get it to hold, secured everything else in my storage unit and headed off toward New York on a nine-day cross-country honeymoon drive. We arrived at the farm in Western New York in the evening on May sixth, where our new life together began with a relaxing night of sleep with the sound of peepers in the background as I...

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Yeah, right ... whatever

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I suppose it could get old, hearing about how beautiful and perfect things are here, in my life. I mean, come on ... really. Could anyone's life that perfect? Actually, no. My life isn't even as perfect as my life is. Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? Actually, no. Let me es'plain. Sunday in church, the sermon was on the subject of accepting and being grateful for your life--your life, in and unto itself, not in comparison to anyone else's life. Gratitude for the grace of one's own life. Listening to the sermon brought to mind many of the...

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In anticipation of you

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Wherever my mother lives, there are flowers. Our homes in North Carolina and California were surrounded by flowers, roses in particular. Flowers have always, and always will, make me think of my mother. [Be sure to read my mother's journal, just posted today at I Live on a Farm on the Johnson's Farm page.] Several years ago I made a Mother's Day card for my mother. On the front I used a photograph of some California poppies in a pretty little blue vase. I shot the photo while I was up in Santa Rosa at the beach house my previous...

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