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100% Pure, Genuine Firefly

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[Note: The auction for the Little Nana, the handmade Knitting Thistleonian critter, ends this Friday morning ... in case you are interested.] I have learned many things, over the course of the past year, about New York State in general and western New York in particular. Of course, the most important thing I learned was that is there is such an area as "western" New York. It is even referred to as the Frontier Region. New York, a frontier. Interesting thought. Another interesting fact is that, while people tend to think of Vermont as "the maple syrup state" (I know...

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A case of kerfluffled mojo

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This is a photo of the current state of my new hand knit spring hat. I have knit it twice now to completion, only to be dissatisfied with the results. The second time it happened, I realized my mojo was kerfluffled. We all have that happen from time to time. It has not happened to me in a while, but it did happen recently. The kerfluffled mojo was even disrupting my painting this week. Even my photography. As you can see from the photo, one of my little critters even tried to help me work things out, but all to...

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Ripped knitting

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We have Canadian geese in our area year round. In late winter, however, they start arriving from other areas and the population becomes enormous ... from what I have heard. That time is upon us, and the geese are beginning to fill our skies each evening and early morning. Last week one evening my husband told me a gaggle had arrived in our cornfield. Another evening, in the middle of a conversation he cocked his ear toward the window and said, "Do you hear that?" I stopped taling and heard a roaring sound outside I had never heard before. We...

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Free knitted scarf pattern

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[twitter-follow screen_name='ILiveonaFarm' show_count='yes'] 12-12-2012:  Catch up with me at my latest blog post  --> here. This scarf pattern is available as a free Ravelry download with the latest updates and awesome yarn recommendations.  Click the link (words "free Ravelry download") or search "New York Scarf - A Guy's Woolie Warmer" on Revelry to get your free download Check out my son's Etsy shop, Flying Junction. He is an awesome urban graphic artist and photographer with a line of vintage-inspired subway signs, bus scrolls, urban typography maps, vintage maps, other cool urban art. He is the guy I designed this scarf and...

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I think he's pretty

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Snowing, snowing, snowing. Yesterday morning it was six degrees when we got up ... sweeeet! I shot the photo of our barn from one of my bedroom windows. This photograph makes me feel as if I were flying when I took it. You know, like in one of those flying dreams. Sometimes I have flying dreams where I can just sort of fly straight up into the air and hover. This photograph is just what that would be like. The snow that began gathering about a week and a half ago is still here, and more is sifting down from...

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