Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — stockings

OXOX Cable and Latticed Spindles

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I have been awake since four this morning. My husband gets up every morning at four o'clock and gets to work by five. He works ten hours and gets home by three fifteen in the afternoon. I try to get all of my work completed by the time he gets home so we may spend the late afternoon and evening doing whatever we choose, together. Often "whatever we choose" is a responsibility of some kind such as mowing the lawn (a three-hour task), driving to another small town about an hour away to see his mother where she stays at...

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Awaiting heavy rain from Ernesto

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Saturday morning, and we are waiting for the rain to hit from "Ernesto". He's still a bit south of us right now, but we are under flood watches today in our county. Our farm is in no danger of flooding, even though we live on a river. Our river is down some very steep banks, and my husband says there has never been a danger of flooding in all the years he has been here. This farm house is more than 200 years old, and in fact is of somewhat historical interest in the area. During Victorian times, when there...

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Left-handed knitting

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I am left-handed; I knit left-handed. I crochet right-handed; I am ambidextrous. It had not occurred to me particularly that I was a left-handed knitter or a right-handed crocheter until my daughter accused me a few years ago of being a freak. She was trying to learn a new stictch online by following diagrams and the pictures she was trying desparately to follow did not match up with what she had seen in the real world with her own hands and from what I taught her when she was a child. After the freak accusation, I told her the problem...

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I drive a tractor

country living food knitting socks stockings

Well, I drive a tractor now. I should clarify one point though ... my husband owns a farm, but he is not a farmer. He is an engineer and works in a village about nine miles from our farm. A local farmer rents about 40 acres of our land from us and plants it each year. This year he planted corn on all 40 acres. From what I understand he sometimes plants wheat on one section, corn on the other. Sometimes even soybeans. But this year it is all corn. The corn is gorgeous right now, a deep almost blue...

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