Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I am in some kind of heaven

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Fireflys Farm in the Early MorningSaturday morning. We have light rain, coffee and ... corn cakes. Something about Saturday morning rain gets me all cozy and cuddly feeling. It inspires me to be lazy in a good way. My husband makes a good pot of coffee, which he did first thing this morning. Mmmmm. I only drink coffee on weekends, and only because I enjoy having a cup with him. For the past year and longer I have been off of coffee for female health reasons. Then I went and got myself married and I started having coffee again, but still keep it in moderation at least. So, coffee happened. We sat in the livingroom for a bit together and then I went off to the kitchen to wash last night's dishes and get some corn cakes going. We have been looking forward to having corn cakes for the past couple of weeks, because of that Martha White corn bread mix flour my mother sent me. I've made cornbread with it, but we wanted to try corn cakes for breakfast. However, without any maple syrup in the house, corn cakes had to wait. Yesterday while we were on our way out to see his mother, we stopped by a local farm where they make and sell maple syrup and other maple syrup related products. Oh yum. They were in the middle of making maple "cream" which I had never heard of before. We had already bought a quart size jug of their homemade maple syrup and some maple crisp butter cookies when they started telling us about maple cream and how good it is on hot corn bread. So we bought a little jar of that and could hardly wait for breakfast this morning. Oh man ... now I am not someone who celebrates food, just so you know. Three years ago I dieted and exercised and made some very important lifestyle changes and lost a little over forty pounds. I had never thought of myself as a heavy person. And yet, over the course of the years between thirty and forty five years old, I gradually put on weight every few years until I was forty pounds overweight. Uugghh. Then three years ago my daughter and I worked together on lifestyle changes and so forth and I lost that weight and have kept it off. I went from a size fourteen to a size six and I intend to keep it that way even though I'm living a new life now that involves a lot more cooking and many more opportunities for comfort food shared in homey environments with good natured people. One of the most important lifestyle changes I made was to not "celebrate" food. By that I mean, not getting into the oooohhhing and aaahhhhing of oh how delicious this that or the other thing is. For the most part I now look at food from a practical standpoint of it being the source of energy my body needs in order to run properly. Now, admittedly, it is more challenging to maintain that viewpoint in my new life. I am determined, however, to maintain it as much as I possibly can and am confident I will succeed. Knitted Santa Itty Bag CompleteThat all having been said ... the corn cakes with maple cream were dang good. My husband and I both agreed this will be our special breakfast once or twice a month. We had sausage patties (although they were Boca brand soy sausage patties because I am a vegetarian plus soy saugages taste great but lack the health hazards of meat sausage) ... anyway we had sausage patties and corn cakes topped with maple cream and hot steaming cups of coffee. Altogether, it was dang good. It was sprinkling rain outside as we had our breakfast together and I came to feel once more that I am in some kind of heaven. Also of note this morning ... the knitted Christmas Itty Bag is finished, as you can see in the photo. This itty bag is tiny enough I will be able to hang it on the Christmas tree or I could fill it with little chocolates or potpourri or soaps or something like that and give it as a gift. I used scraps of yarn left over from various hand knit Christmas stockings I have made and size three dpns. By Monday I intend to have the pattern for this knitted Itty Bag available for anyone who wants it, plus a couple of variations. It is easy to scale by using larger or smaller needles and thicker or thinner yarn. I have many color and texture combinations for the itties floating around in my head and will post photos as they materialize. I think I will go back downstairs and see what my husband is up to. He most likely needs another hug and a couple of kisses by now so I must away! Wishing you a wonderful weekend ... ~firefly

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