Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Return of the firefly


imageWhat a winter. I love winter, I love snow, and I am not one of those people who become impatient for winter to be over about as quickly as it begins. I do not even get tired of winter when it is half or two thirds over. Of course, living in the Los Angeles area for 36 years gave me more than my fill of seemingly endless summer, relentless sunshine, 85 degree holiday seasons, and miserable heat waves. Some people love that kind of thing, but I am not one of those people. That having been said, I am enjoying the warm up of mid-March this year, the sound of the birds chirping and singing, and the promise of the sin's warmth on my back in weeks ahead. It isn't that I grew tired of winter this year, but I spent much of February and early March with one heck of a head cold that just never seemed to be done with me. And, we all know that when there is a cold going around in a home, the mom or grandma has not only to see herself through it but must use precious energy stores to nurse others through as well. Not a complaint, just a fact of life. The past month has left me feeling quite drained, and those little birds singing about their joy in the outside world is uplifting to my spirit. Sing little birdies, sing. There was one upside to the head cold, and that was having more restful time for knitting, and I was able to finish something very special I have been working on, a beautiful shawl. There was something about this shawl that it became the most enjoyable knitting project I have ever worked on; the finished piece is my favorite item I have ever knit. It is luxurious and somewhat delicate with a kind of down-home elegance. imageI used a knitting technique I have been testing and developing for several months, a technique that is enjoyable, flexible, and relaxing to use. I have several different shawl patterns using this technique in various stages of development that I will be rolling out to you knitting patterns as I complete them. This technique is so awesome, in my humble opinion, I think it would make a great mystery knit-along (MKAL). So, I started a Ravelry group for me as a designer last week and then I posted the MKAL as a pattern. The first clue was released on Sunday (15 Mar) and the second clue will be released on April 1, 2015. The first clue teaches all of the techniques and provides practice sessions to prepare for the start of the knitting on April 1st. I hope you will join in the fun. If it goes well I will release more MKALs as I get the other designs and samples knit. Each shawl pattern in the series of MKALs will be a completely different design, even though each will utilize m new technique in some form. Oh, and I had fun coming up with a unique name for my mystery knit-alongs ... Bride of Fleckenstein MKAL. So, the first one is Bride of Fleckenstein MKAL 1. For more info or to join the fun, visit the pattern page at Ravelry. Meanwhile, enjoy the approach of spring. ~firefly

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