Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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Pears and knitted nap blanket

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Pears from Fireflys CottageWe spent yesterday afternoon over at the property where we have a cottage and a boat house, on the river. It is about five miles from the farm. My husband's grandfather on his mother's side bought that property back in the 1930's and it has been in his family ever since. The property consists of a bit of land up above the river, and then a bit of land down on the bank of the river about one hundred feet below. Originally there was a small farmhouse on the upper piece of land and no way down to the river other than by foot down a winding path. Over the years the family built three cottages, the boat house, and an elevator going down to the river. My husband's father designed and engineered the elevator, which is still operating to this day. Two of the cottages had to be leveled in the recent past because of water damage, and the little farmhouse has been gutted and might be torn down and replaced with another building in the same spot. The main cottage, however, and the boat house still remain. It is a simple, beautiful little piece of property where my husband spent most weekends of his childhood happily playing, dreaming, fishing, and swimming. When he was eight years old his father and uncle were building the elevator. My husband had the job of driving a little tractor from the road to the bank of the river, hauling pieces of pipe that were used for the rails of the elevator. I can imagine him at that age doing such an important job. I am happy for him that he is still here and still has the land, the elevator, the memories ... all intact and fresh in his mind. It brings him much happiness. I have spoken of this before in an earlier blog, and mention it again because it is a dear bit of personal history that should be preserved through sharing. Yesterday he needed to mow the lawn up above and down below, so I went with him and spent some time sitting on the porch of the old, gutted farm house knitting on my mother in law's nap blanket. It was a warm in the sun, cool in the shade country afternoon with blue skies and a faint autumn breeze. Knitting outside in the cool shade of the porch, watching my husband go round and round on the tractor as he mowed the lawn was quite lovely and relaxing. More PearsThere are several pear and apple trees there, all planted by his grandfather many years ago. He plucks a Bartlett pear off one of the trees each time he goes there to mow the lawn, and munches it quickly before starting the tractor up. Each time he smiles and says, "Pretty good!" After the lawns were mowed we took a canoe we just bought recently down to the river and went for a canoe "ride" (is that what I call it? I don't know). We went up and down the river in the canoe and he taught me something about paddling. At first I was dorky, and as we continued I think the dorky index went down a bit. I don't mind being a dork at times; I think we all are even if people are reluctant to admit it. The river was slick as glass with the brilliant colors of autumn trees reflecting along with rich blue skies. Breathtaking. I didn't take the camera because it was my first time in the canoe and we didn't want a possible mishap to dunk the camera. Next time we go out we will be taking it along though, to capture and share the delights of the river at this wondrous time of year. Jinnys Nap BlanketI am about one third of the way complete in knitting the length of the nap blanket. I am loving the look of the Lion's Suede yarn knit on large needles in the vine lace pattern. I showed it to my husband last night and he made the comment that it looks almost organic ... I have to agree. I am happier with it than I even anticipated, and am enjoying the quick knit aspect as well. After the knitting is complete I will be adding some flowers and other decorative elements ... but not too much. Whatever I do will follow the "less is more" rule. I look forward to figuring out just where my imagination takes me at that time. Have a wonderful day and week ... talk to you again soon! ~firefly

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