Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — food

The accidental farmer

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Before I begin today's post, I wanted to thank any of my readers who left comments last week of condolences for the family of our friend Dave. They are grateful for your messages and thoughts, comforted by the thought that now even strangers know something of the good man they had in their lives. When my brother knew he was dying he started saying, "Life is for living, and you have a lot of that left to do. " He was very firm about it that he did not want any one of us to be mired down in sadness...

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Feminine ways

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Last week I met my sister-in-law in one of the nearby villages to have an afternoon tea and listen to a lady speak about "vanity" collectibles; the presentation was called, "Vanity Fair". The flyer we read that led us to the tea described the woman as an antique collector of women's vanity items such as perfume, powder puffs, and compacts. My sister-in-law wanted to go and I wanted to spend time with her, so I agreed. I have to say though that, for me, spending an afternoon hearing about antique powder puffs and compacts was not exactly my cup of...

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I said I would, so here I am

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Yes, I said on Wednesday that I would write more this week, so here I am to keep that appointment. Have a cuppa with me? I am on a mission to publish my first knitting book by the end of this summer. It will be a book of hand knit Christmas Stocking patterns, the firefly way. It is an ambitious mission because I do have writing clients I must attend to, my fine art paintings to continue creating, and my husband, daughter, and dog to continue to attend to as needed here at home. I must design and knit one...

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Hello geese

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They come to enjoy the cold, crisp water of our river, to feast on wheat and corn in our fields, to commune with nature in company with their loved ones. The annual rendezvous has begun. Excited chattering late night and early morning, energetic in-flight organizational meetings occur overhead throughout the day. Huge impromptu breakfast, lunch, and dinner meetings are held in various locations nearby ... changing every day for reasons of security. Yes, the Canadians are among us and above us. Welcome friends as always. Gotta love the geese. I will write more tomorrow (Thursday) or Friday. ~firefly

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Something to talk about

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At times I have wondered what (if anything) I may share with my readers about what happened last year on Valentine's Day. For those of you who have followed my blog, you would know last Valentine's Day was the first for my husband and I. We weren't even "dating" the Valentine's Day before that, and yet found ourselves married by the first time we had a Valentine's Day to share. We first met online at the end of January in 2006; we were just getting to know each other other via emails and had shared one phone call by February...

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