Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
Gourmet hand painted yarn. Feed your inner fiber fiend.
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I live on a farm ... — free knitting patterns

Left-handed knitting

free knitting patterns knitting stockings yarn

I am left-handed; I knit left-handed. I crochet right-handed; I am ambidextrous. It had not occurred to me particularly that I was a left-handed knitter or a right-handed crocheter until my daughter accused me a few years ago of being a freak. She was trying to learn a new stictch online by following diagrams and the pictures she was trying desparately to follow did not match up with what she had seen in the real world with her own hands and from what I taught her when she was a child. After the freak accusation, I told her the problem...

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Directions for Itty Bag

country living free knitting patterns knitting

As promised, I wrote up the directions for the holiday Itty Bag I made a couple of days ago. I started a patterns page on my site, where I will post free patterns as I have them available. A little while ago I was walking through the kitchen and noticed fog in the corn fields out back. This is a new kind of fog for me, a low lying fog that eminates from the ground or from the crops ... I don't remember which. In Los Angeles we often had fog that would roll in from the ocean. Of course...

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I am in some kind of heaven

country living food free knitting patterns knitting

Saturday morning. We have light rain, coffee and ... corn cakes. Something about Saturday morning rain gets me all cozy and cuddly feeling. It inspires me to be lazy in a good way. My husband makes a good pot of coffee, which he did first thing this morning. Mmmmm. I only drink coffee on weekends, and only because I enjoy having a cup with him. For the past year and longer I have been off of coffee for female health reasons. Then I went and got myself married and I started having coffee again, but still keep it in moderation...

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New yarns and projects a'comin'

country living free knitting patterns knitting yarn

The nearest village is nine miles from here, the largest good-sized town is thirty minutes away, and the closest city is an hour away. The likelihood of my being able to find a satisfying yarn store within reasonable and affordable driving distance to home is slim at best. I love shopping online, and always have so now I just have to develop a love of shopping for yarn online. I've done it twice now since moving here and so far it is working out well. Yesterday the Berroco Ultra Alpaca I ordered earlier in the week arrived; packaged very aesthetically...

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Cute free sweater pattern

free knitting patterns knitting

I received this free sweater pattern in my email this morning from Berroco. It looks like a good, cozy and very cute sweater that would be oh so comfy to wear this fall. The color is one I love, because I enjoy muted, dusty, older looking colors. Thought I'd share. ~firefly

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